A Quick Preview – Live Through You

This will be track number one when Blue Skies and Broken Arrows is released in a couple of months. Nick D’Amico on keys, Chris Harvey on bass, Sean Cahalin on drums, and Melissa Zaino on background vocals. I was thrilled to hear what these guys did with it, having played the song for the first time in the studio the day we recorded it. We got the keys and rhythm section tracked live for four songs that day, and I don’t think we rehearsed any of them more than three times through. That’s what happens when you work with musicians who are better than you.

Festival Supreme Theme Song Contest


My friend Joe Kowan and I put together this video and this original song for the Festival Supreme theme song contest over on TalentHouse.com. We laughed a lot making it, working out the kinks in the arrangement as we recorded it several times in front of this drop cloth in Joe’s basement, improvising a bunch of strange banter we decided to cut afterwards and get right to the song, which we call “(I’m Covered In) Festival Surpreme).” It is silly in the extreme, and we hope you enjoy it, whether we win the contest or not. The judges are Tenacious D, who curate Festival Supreme, and the prize is getting to head out to Los Angeles to open the festival with this song.

There is also a community prize, which would be a fine thing to win, and you can help us by voting at the link below by using the page’s Facebook or Twitter buttons, if you so choose. And if you do so choose, Joe and I thank you, and we will think very good thoughts about you. Don’t worry how we’ll know, we’ll know.


TT the Bear’s Place Monday, Sep. 22, plus recording is done!

I’m opening a show at TT the Bear’s on Monday, September 22 for Americana artists Cary T Brown and Aurélien Boilleau, who have come out from France for a short American tour. It’s a tough gig because it’s a Monday, not a night of the week a ton of people think about going to a show. So get some rest over the weekend and give yourself a Monday night treat, and help out some hard-working traveling musicians. Maria Earabino and North-Going Zax are also on the bill. More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/705850319491416/

A quick update on shows and recordings. First of all, I have finished recording my debut album, Blue Skies and Broken Arrows, and I am working on funding the mixing and mastering. If you’d like to contribute to that, you can buy my EP, Here’s A Moon, on Reverbnation of head to my BandCamp site and get a different version of it a little cheaper: http://nickzaino.bandcamp.com I am hoping for a late fall release, so stay tuned for CD release show dates.

More news soon!

Songwriters Madness – “Pour Me A River”

A while back, I took Kevin G Moore‘s Songwriters Challenge, and wrote a song with the theme “Gods and Goddesses.” This video is the result, taped live in Kevin’s kitchen. He and Molly Pinto Madigan added background vocals after the video was taped (I am not haunted by the Pips). Due to some nifty editing, I am also accompanying myself on the djembe.

It was exciting to write to a topic someone else gave me. It wasn’t anything I had an instant inspiration for, at least not when Kevin first gave me the topic. I had nothing for a long time, until time was almost through. Then, after a few weeks of kicking it around in my head, I blurted it out one night when I came home after an open mic. That said, it’s still a bit of a work in progress. There are a couple of lines I’m not thrilled with, although if I sing something too many times one way, it’s hard to change it. I’m hoping I haven’t already set those lines in stone, but otherwise, I’m happy with it, and I’ll be up for the next challenge, for which I am already late and panicking again.