A Quick Preview – “Giant Ant In the Sky”

I am well on my way to finishing my debut full-length album, Blue Skies and Broken Arrows, and thought I’d give you an advance listen to one of the tracks. This is “Giant Ant In the Sky,” which I wrote as the paranoid rant of a conspiracy theorist a couple of years ago. It is freshly mixed this week. That’s my friend Joe Kowan on the saw. All other instruments/voices are me. I’ll be posting these previews every couple of weeks or so until the album comes out in early 2015, and taking the old ones down as I go.

Festival Supreme Theme Song Contest


My friend Joe Kowan and I put together this video and this original song for the Festival Supreme theme song contest over on TalentHouse.com. We laughed a lot making it, working out the kinks in the arrangement as we recorded it several times in front of this drop cloth in Joe’s basement, improvising a bunch of strange banter we decided to cut afterwards and get right to the song, which we call “(I’m Covered In) Festival Surpreme).” It is silly in the extreme, and we hope you enjoy it, whether we win the contest or not. The judges are Tenacious D, who curate Festival Supreme, and the prize is getting to head out to Los Angeles to open the festival with this song.

There is also a community prize, which would be a fine thing to win, and you can help us by voting at the link below by using the page’s Facebook or Twitter buttons, if you so choose. And if you do so choose, Joe and I thank you, and we will think very good thoughts about you. Don’t worry how we’ll know, we’ll know.