Habitual Salvation Available for Pre-Order

My new album, Habitual Salvation, is currently available for pre-order. The first two tracks, “Pour Me A River” and “Better When You’re Strange,” are available for immediate download with the pre-order. The album is out November 29.

There is a playful side and a more somber side to these tracks, which were recorder live, just the songs and an acoustic guitar, in the iZotope studios in Cambridge, MA in the spring of 2019. I recorded fifteen songs in one seven-and-a-half hour session, ten of which will appear on the album.

These are raw takes, no more than two or three attempts per song, with a single overdub (for background vocals on the title track). “Pour Me A River” is about choosing love over dogma, and the title track, “Habitual Salvation,” is about paying attention to the real world. “Better When You’re Strange” celebrates oddity, and “Who Wants To Die Happy?” is my attempt to write an upbeat song the night before the sessions to pep things up a bit. “Time To Go South” is about a time I was close to death, and it felt like a slapstick movie.

Tiny Desk Contest 2018

My entry for this year’s Tiny Desk Contest is “Pour Me A River,” a song I have not yet recorded in the studio, but I do plan to record an “album version.” It’s a tough competition — it seems thousands of talented bands submit videos, more and more every year the contest happens. The big prize is to appear on a Tiny Desk Concert, on which some of my favorite bands and songwriters, from Joe Henry to Wilco, have appeared. I’m tilting at windmills to submit my own work, but I’m in good company.

Click here to see some of this year’s other entries (search for my friends Joe Krafty, Three At Home, and Matt York, among others).

A Quick Preview – Live Through You

This will be track number one when Blue Skies and Broken Arrows is released in a couple of months. Nick D’Amico on keys, Chris Harvey on bass, Sean Cahalin on drums, and Melissa Zaino on background vocals. I was thrilled to hear what these guys did with it, having played the song for the first time in the studio the day we recorded it. We got the keys and rhythm section tracked live for four songs that day, and I don’t think we rehearsed any of them more than three times through. That’s what happens when you work with musicians who are better than you.