Songwriters Madness – “Pour Me A River”

A while back, I took Kevin G Moore‘s Songwriters Challenge, and wrote a song with the theme “Gods and Goddesses.” This video is the result, taped live in Kevin’s kitchen. He and Molly Pinto Madigan added background vocals after the video was taped (I am not haunted by the Pips). Due to some nifty editing, I am also accompanying myself on the djembe.

It was exciting to write to a topic someone else gave me. It wasn’t anything I had an instant inspiration for, at least not when Kevin first gave me the topic. I had nothing for a long time, until time was almost through. Then, after a few weeks of kicking it around in my head, I blurted it out one night when I came home after an open mic. That said, it’s still a bit of a work in progress. There are a couple of lines I’m not thrilled with, although if I sing something too many times one way, it’s hard to change it. I’m hoping I haven’t already set those lines in stone, but otherwise, I’m happy with it, and I’ll be up for the next challenge, for which I am already late and panicking again.